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HR support and recruitment services

Available in England and Wales from Council HR and Governance Support

Ongoing HR subscribed support

We offer an ongoing HR support service for an annual fee depending upon the size of your organisation. We are the only organisation able to offer this service with a CIPD qualified HR professional who also has over 23 years' experience as a Town Clerk.  

The service includes supply of a full suite of up to date and legally compliant HR policies, review of all contracts of employment and on call HR advice for any issues that may arise. If HR subscription is taken out this entitles you to a reduced annual fee to the Council Governance subscription.

Policy development

You can opt to have all of your HR policies reviewed as a one-off option outside of the annual subscription service. We will ensure all policies are fit for purpose and legally compliant.

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Dispute resolution

We have significant experience of dealing with disputes within an organisation both between officers and between officers and Councillors. We will be able to quickly highlight the main issues for your organisation and present options to resolve matters. If required we can then support the implementation of the actions required.  

Performance management 

Often poor performance can be rectified once the core issues are highlighted and addressed. We will do this for you and look to put in place any necessary performance measurements as well as reviewing empowerment and motivation within the organisation. 

Staff structure review

Having an experienced independent review of your staff structure can highlight options and efficiencies that may not be otherwise apparent. Our significant experience in improving the operations and efficiency of a Council in this area will bring about improvements wherever they exist.  

Job evaluation

Fully trained in job evaluation we can ensure you are paying the correct salaries for your team and highlight where changes may need to be made. Also evaluate new posts to ensure they comply with your existing pay structure. 


With our wide range of contacts and experience in Local Government we will maximise your potential candidates for any given vacancy and ensure a professional and open appointment process that showcases all that your Council has to offer. We recently secured 19 applications for a Town Clerk post when a nearby position not using our services secured only two applications for a higher paying position. 

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