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Governance, policies and procedures 

Ongoing subscription governance and policy support 

We offer ongoing governance and policy support for an annual fee depending upon the size of your Council. We are the only organisation able to offer this service with a qualified lawyer who also has over 23 years of experience as a Town Clerk and therefore knows how a Town and Parish Council operates. 

The service includes supply of a full suite of bespoke up to date and legally compliant council policies (excluding HR see below), including a review of your Standing Orders, Financial Regulations and Scheme of Delegation to ensure they meet your council’s bespoke requirements. An ongoing review of all your policies is undertaken as well as a reduced annual subscription of our annual HR subscribed service if taken together, please enquire below for a quote.

Supporting governance

At Council HR and Governance Services we offer expert support to ensure your governance is compliant and your Council operates efficiently. Our support and guidance ensures facilitation of effective management  of your services. Contact us today and we will advise, support and help you.

Policies and procedures

  • Assessment
  • Analysis
  • Communication
  • Enforcement
Council HR and Governance Services provides policy management services to facilitate the process of assessment, analysis, communication and enforcement of policies, rules, regulations and procedures. This includes ensuring existing policies are made accessible to relevant staff. Policies are legally compliant and practical to use and understand.

Do you require support for governance, policies and procedures?

Council HR and Governance Support.
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