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Help with your council development

At Council HR and Governance Services we can provide you with the professional services you may need to improve your Council performance whilst ensuring it is legal and compliant.

Business advice and planning

We can provide full business plans for the Council as a whole or for specific services, proposed or existing, with a particular eye on maximising commercial income to increase the sustainability of your council as well as improving the quality of the service delivered. 

We specialise in developing new businesses for your Council to generate surplus funds to keep your Council tax bill down.   

Strategy Development and visioning events

Working with all stakeholders we can support the development of an overall Strategic Development Plan to enable the Council to direct its resources to those areas where they are most in need. We use innovative methodology to undertake visioning exercises both internally at your Council and supporting you to do the same with the public. 

Efficiency reviews

We can review all or some of your existing services and internal processes to ensure maximum efficiency. We will undertake a detailed analysis of the service finances, staffing requirements and potential grants. This will enable us to present clear proposals on future efficient service delivery for your Council to consider when planning for the future.   

Community engagement

Everything from developing a wide-ranging communication strategy to undertaking community engagement to secure public opinion on the pressing issues or service delivery plans in your area.  

Business reviews to maximise income and reduce costs

Using significant experience in maximising business efficiency and income generation of given services we can review what you are currently doing to seek cost reductions and maximise income generation.

Risk management

Support in developing robust risk management systems for your Council.

Project management

We have experience of managing small projects to multi million pound projects.  

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