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Council HR and Governance Support
Council Consultancy 

Ensuring best practice and continuous improvement

Ethos of Council HR and Governance Support is to provide Local Councils with expert support via individuals who have done the day job. The overall objective is to support our clients to be more effective and efficient but at the same time to take care of the welfare of all who work there, and to ensure relationships prosper for the benefit of the local community. 

We are dedicated to ensuring best practice and continuous improvement in the local Council sector. Our passion is to work collaboratively with Councils to help them to achieve their full potential and ambitions. 

From efficiency reviews, project management, ongoing HR support, policy development and recruitment, we will use our in-depth understanding of Parish and Town Councils and the wider Local Government sector to develop and deliver tailored consultancy support that will enable us to deliver a service that meets your expectations. 
Council HR and Governance Support understands the issues faced by Clerks and Councils and our trained and experienced associates, most  of whom are experienced CEO's or Clerks, will offer solutions to meet your exact needs.

We have access to a wide range of expertise to ensure we can support you in all areas and we uphold a commitment to provide sustainable solutions that will deliver results, not just diagnosis of problems.

  • Unparalleled and up-to-date contacts across Local Government
  • An understanding and experience of working in politically led organisations at senior levels
  • A deep understanding of 21st century public services and the policy and workforce implications
  • The ability to put together a team with the expertise to match your specific needs
We welcome all enquiries please complete the below request and we will get back to you promptly.  

Our services

Council Development



  • Ongoing subscription governance and policy support
  • Business advice and planning
  • Strategy development and visioning events
  • Governance, compliance & policy development 
  • Efficiency reviews
  • Community engagement 
  • Business reviews to maximise income and reduce costs
  • Risk management
  • Project management





  • Ongoing HR subscribed support 
  • Policy development
  • Dispute resolution
  • Performance management 
  • Staff structure review
  • Job evaluation
  • Recruitment





  • Bespoke training for individual Councils 
  • Clerk high performance 
  • Annual legal and HR update 
  • Mentoring
  • Chairmanship – Becoming a respected and effective Chairman
  • Councillor – Understanding your role and how to be effective

Who do we help?

  • Parish Councils
  • Town Councils
  • District Councils
  • County Councils
  • Emerging Local Councils

Why choose us?

  • Reliable service, time efficient
  • Professional and expert advice
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Quote guarantee, we aim to invoice less than we quote
  • All work is bespoke, no regurgitating of previous wor
  • Discretion guaranteed


Experienced support

  • The only HR advisory service provided by a CIPD qualified former Town Clerk
  • All our consultants have at least one relevant professional qualification
  • All consultants also have over 25 years Local Government experience

Council consultancy service

Council HR and Governance Support
Council Consultancy.
Excellence in all we do. 

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